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Mosasaur provides product management and marketing consulting and services to software and hardware companies. Engage Mosasaur to assess your competitive landscape; hone your branding and positioning; craft white papers, demo scripts and collateral; or conduct press tours. With over ten years of comprehensive industry experience, Mosasaur delivers quality, professional results! Marketing consulting details…

Mosasaur assists creatives in getting the most out of their technology investments. Design firms, photographers, film makers and architects rely on Mosasaur to keep their systems working perfectly and advise them on appropriate solution so they can focus on their own clients and expertise. Technology consulting details…

Mosasaur also develops web sites, delivering clean, fast, compatible HTML & CSS that works in all major browsers. Web development details…


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“Bare Bones Software is passionate about creating leading-edge power tools for the Mac. Lorin Rivers’ passion for marketing, technology innovation and the Macintosh space provides our team with strong marketing assistance colored by a deep understanding of the Mac market. His unique combination of technical and marketing chops is something we’d prefer never to live without.”
Rich Siegel, founder and CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc.

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